Starting this blog over and over again. Hopefully this is it, the first blog and updating once or twice every week. Not going to promise on anything. Just praying that it doesn’t stop half way.

I was contemplating on taking down the picture of this lazy sleeping cat.

Thats Blacky Chan by the way, and its a her. She died earlier this year due to illness. Loved by all. Since she was a family, I reckon its just best to leave her here as a memento.

So here I am.
The intention of starting this blog is to capture the the behind stage of this business that is┬ánot usually publicised.┬áPossibly learning something from it as well. And to stay on par with the theme of this page, I’ll definitely share recipes, pictures, experiences and videos. In a way, it’ll be like a diary-slash-journal-slash-recipe book-slash-tutorial thingamajiggy..haha..

I may include links to my youtube channel.

Well, here goes……

Hearts, NuuruL

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